1 Easy Way to See If You Need a Professional Home Stager


Thinking about selling your home and not sure if you need a professional Home Stager? This is an easy way to find out. Stand in the doorway of each room in your home and take a photo with your cell phone. Now look at the photos you’ve taken and ask yourself, “If I saw these rooms online, would I want to go see this house enough to make an appointment with the Realtor®?”



Keeping in mind that 90% of buyers search for houses on-line (National Association of REALTORS® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers) and 45% of them do not read the comments, but rely strictly on the photos to convince them to see a property (Wall Street Journal), it is critical for your house to look sensational on-line.

Now look at the photos you’ve taken again and ask yourself:

Do I notice the decorative things in the room instead of the room’s space?

Do I notice the worst features of the room instead of the its best?

Do I notice the backs of furniture more than the way to circulate through the room?

BEFORE - First thing you see is the back of the couch.

BEFORE Staging – First thing you see is the back of the couch and too many decorative items.

AFTER - Now you can see how spacious the room is and the fireplace focal point.

AFTER Staging – Now you can see how spacious the room is and the fireplace focal point. Pulling furniture and accessories from other rooms provided the right balance.

Do I notice bold jolts of color on the walls instead of neutral color(s) throughout to create flow?

Do I notice dimly lit areas instead of overall even lighting?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions, you need a professional Home Stager.

Home Staging is more than just cleaning and decluttering a space. That’s just the beginning. A professional Home Stager knows how to utilize design elements and principles to highlight the very best features of your home so that it will appeal to the largest group of buyers. Professional Home Stagers can prioritize which items you should address first for the best return on your investment.

Your home is quite possibly your largest investment. Before putting it on the market, don’t you want to make it look exceptional so that you can get the best possible price?

Isn’t it time to call a professional Home Stager?

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