How to Find a Sensational Realtor® – A Scary Halloween Tale


OK. I’ll admit it. I don’t like scary things; scary movies in particular. Ever since I saw my first horror film where zombies were aimlessly walking to feast on the living, I try to avoid scary things. I attempted to improve my ‘cool’ factor when I was growing up by watching Hitchcock thrillers, like Psycho and The Birds, but their haunting images stayed with me. Something about sitting in the dark and having the livin’ daylights scared out of me is not my idea of a good time. Ever.

So why am I on the psychiatrist’s couch telling you about my childhood? Because oddly enough, those same frightening feelings came over me recently when I read a Realtor’s response in an online chat regarding home staging. A savvy homeowner was looking for recommendations for a staging professional who serviced her area. The Realtor’s response?

“I have never been a fan of staging. It does not sell anything faster and seems to be a complete waste of time for maybe 90% of all property. No one can point to stats that show staging shortens the selling time. Just price it correctly or at least gradually lower the price if it is not selling and eventually you get offers. This business is not that complicated.”


Imagine that this is your Realtor.

He’s sold plenty of properties. You trust him and value his opinion. But does he have your best interests in mind?

He lists your home and doesn’t say a thing about staging your property. Why mention it? He knows you think buyers will love your home as much as you do. He wouldn’t want to do anything to jeopardize his relationship with you, so better not risk ruffling any feathers having that conversation.

The problem is that he has not taken the time to educate you about your home now becoming a house; an item to be staged and marketed to be sold.

But he’s the professional and the fact that he doesn’t mention staging, you don’t think it makes that much difference in the sale of your home.

This is where he’s wrong. Dead wrong. And there are home staging statistics to prove it.

Do you think he’ll share that his marketing strategy for your home is to continually drop the price until it sells? I seriously doubt it. It’s a strategy that takes money directly out of your pocket.

In the meantime, your property sits…and sits…and sits. You continue to put your life on hold, pay months worth of mortgage payments and become increasingly frustrated. So this is a Real Estate professional? This is really frightening.Oct. 2013 Blog

The truth of the matter is, this guy is the exception, not the rule. Most real estate agents understand the value of home staging, are professional and deserve your respect. They know home staging can impact your profit and the amount of days your property stays on the market.

So, if you are thinking of putting your house up for sale, don’t let the whole process frighten you. Seek out a sensational Realtor® who uses an Accredited Staging Professional®. One who values you and your property. One who knows what it takes to market your home so that it stands above all the other properties. One who knows that staging properties results in a quicker sale for the best possible price.

Have your house be the Treat, not the Trick for any potential buyer who walks through your door.

What are your Home Staging success stories?


I’m Sue Proud, Owner of PROUD HOME Staging, LLC and an Accredited Staging Professional® in St. Charles, IL. I appreciate you taking the time to read this post.

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