Need Help Selecting Paint Colors?

Are you intimidated by the thousands of small color samples at the paint store?

Are you tired of wasting your time selecting paint colors only to find they look completely different when you paint them on your walls?

Don’t know what colors will pull together all the fixed elements in your room?

Studies have shown that next to smell, color has the greatest impact on the emotions. Because of this, people are afraid of color.

Paint colors are influenced by light, undertones and the items in a room. Knowing how these factors impact paint color selection can make or break how a room comes together.

You need to take the guesswork out of selecting colors to create the feeling you desire.

We can help.

Our Paint Color Consultations are priced according to each project.

Our appointment begins with a Get To Know You session to learn about your situation and what you want to accomplish. Your consultation includes our return trip to finalize colors using large samples which helps to eliminate costly surprises.

Please click to request more information: Contact Us

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