Need Home Staging?


You’ve made the decision to sell your home! You’ve realized that now is the time to move into the marketing mode. You will soon be presenting your HOME as a HOUSE to your target market…the Home Buyer.

Every house, regardless of its price, can benefit from Home Staging!

Staged properties sell for the best possible price in the shortest amount of time. Statistics prove this over and over again.

Staging a house is more than just decluttering and cleaning. It’s about using design elements and principles  (i.e.,color, balance, texture, scale, space, etc.) to unify rooms and direct a buyer’s eye to the focal points. Staging draws a buyer in so they can instantly fall in love with your house.

But the first step is to have them fall in love with the photos of your house on the Internet. Why is this important?

Most buyers (90%) shop for a house on-line and almost half of them only look at the photos instead of reading the comments to decide which properties they want to visit. It’s critical to stage your house so it looks outstanding in the photos posted on the Internet.

We can help.*

We offer three Staging options: 1.) The Do It Yourself (DIY) Package in which YOU do the work, 2.)The Pro-Assist Package in which we HELP YOU with the work, 3.) PROUD HOME Package in which WE do the work.

  1. DIY Package includes:
    1. “Talk and Tour” Consultation
    2. Completion Checklist
  2. Pro-Assist Package includes:
    1. “Talk and Tour” Consultation
    2. Completion Checklist
    3. Hands-on Assistance
    4. “Fine Tune” Return Trip
  3. PROUD HOME Package includes:   Free Site Visit and Proposal
    1. Upon acceptance of the Proposal, available services include:
      1. Paint Color Selection
      2. ASP® Staging Team
      3. Accessory Rental
      4. Furniture Rental
      5. Before/After Photos
      6. Internet Exposure
      7. Marketing Support

Our first appointment begins with a Get To Know You session to learn about your situation and what you want to accomplish. We will discuss Staging and I will explain our Services to see what can be done to best meet your needs.

*REALTORS: We offer repeat business discounts to you.

Please click to request more information: Contact Us 

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