Answering Your Questions

What will happen during the Staging Process?  Accredited Staging Professionals® will edit and arrange your furnishings, artwork and accessories to highlight the best features of each room. In occupied properties, we will “shop” your house to creatively accessorize each space. Surfaces will be decluttered. All possessions that are no longer needed will be relocated to a previously agreed upon area. Please Note : We do not unhook or move any electronics. We will provide instructions as to where you need to relocate them after The Reveal. 

How long will the Staging take?  Most occupied staging projects are completed within one day. Most “vacant” projects take two days. If there is any reason that the project requires more time, we will notify you before the end of the first Staging Day. We will call you when the Staging is completed so you can come home for The Reveal.

How can I pay for your services? For your convenience, we accept Credit or Debit Cards (MasterCard, VISA, Discover), cash or check. Payment for Consultations is due at the time of service. Quoted projects require a Deposit equalling half the Contract Price to put your project on our schedule and is non-refundable. The Balance is due at the time on-site services are completed.

Do I have to do anything before for the Staging Day?  We ask that you have your home professionally cleaned. This includes washing the windows inside and out.  You also must certify that you have a valid Homeowner’s Insurance Policy. You must provide us with a copy of your Property Disclosure Statement if you are currently working with a Realtor. If you are renting furniture for a vacant property, you must have the financial paperwork taken care of prior to Staging. A key to the property must also be provided when accessories are being rented.

Do I have to be there during the Staging process?  No. We prefer that all family members (including pets) are not on the property during the Staging. If you want your Realtor to be present, we can discuss this in advance of The Staging Day. Arrangements will be made prior to The Staging Day as to how we will gain secure access to your property.

Who else will be involved in the Staging?  There will be 1 or 2  Accredited Staging Professionals®, depending on the size of the project. Furniture movers may also be present part of the time. Everyone involved in the Staging process is insured.

Which of my possessions will you be using to Stage®?  Part of our creative process in Staging occupied properties is to use your items in ways they may not have originally been intended. Consequently, we ask your permission to “shop” all areas  of your home and relocate your possessions in different rooms. However, if there are any items that you want to be “off limits,” we will list them in our Staging Agreement.

What happens if the accessories I am renting from you get soiled or damaged?  Your credit/debit card will be charged for any required professional cleaning or replacement cost.

Can I request to have all the rented items removed out of my home once I receive a Pending Contract?  No. Your home needs to remain Staged until you are about to close on the property. If the rented items are removed before this, there is a chance the deal will not go through and your Staging would have to be completely redone. This will cost you investment dollars all over again!

How can I get my additional questions answered? If you have more questions, please Contact Us. We’ll be happy to answer questions specific to your situation.

What’s the next step? You Contact Us and we will set up an appointment to see how we can help you. We would love to work with you!

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