Home Staging in Geneva, IL – 2 Secrets to Selling Your Home


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Are you thinking that you need to be lucky to sell your home in today’s market?

Believe it or not, luck has nothing to do with it (Well, maybe finding a four-leaf clover in the yard wouldn’t hurt.)

The 2 secrets to selling your home in Geneva, Ilinois are:

  1. finding an Accredited Staging Professional® (ASP®) to make it stand out above all the other properties on the market.
  2. pricing it correctly as a Staged home.

First, there’s finding an Accredited Staging Professional®.

Finding an Accredited Staging Professional® (ASP®) in Geneva, Illinois who you feel comfortable with is critical. After all, this person will be sorting your possessions and looking in your closets and cabinets. They’ll be handling your memories.

Elvis collection

Via Flickr Creative Commons, user State Farm.

As ASPs®, we commonly hear:

“I’ve been collecting Elvis memorabilia since I was in the 4th grade and I love to show it off.”; “My mother gave me this dish and I have to display it.”; “This was my daughter’s favorite toy. It reminds me so much of her and I want to keep it out.”; “My husband can’t part with his trophies.” And the list goes on…

This past week, I was fortunate to stage the home of a woman who is an empty nester. She shared some of her feelings about her upcoming move…

“You know this move is just so much more stressful than any of our others. I think it’s because the kids aren’t here any more. Before we had to consider school districts and accessibility to the kid’s activities when thinking about our move. Now we don’t have anything. This house has all our memories in it.”

Do you think you can be objective about the things in your home that represent your memories? Most people can’t. They’re too caught up in the significance of each item. So you need to find a Home Stager in the Fox Valley Area to help you.

As Accredited Staging Professionals®, we can not only be objective, but we have the knowledge to know what works to highlight the best features of your home. We create spaces that invite buyers in and make them want to linger. The longer they are in your house, the more emotionally connected they become. The more connected they become, the more likely they will make an offer.

Second, there’s pricing it correctly as a Staged home.

Staging your home elevates your property above 80-90% of the listings in Geneva, Illinois. Buyers will be comparing your staged property to all the other unstaged properties they see. The online photos of your staged property will also shine far above those that are not staged.Your staged house will be setting the standard as to how much value buyers feel they are getting for the price.

As a result, buyers will be willing to offer the best possible price for your premier property. This impacts your listing price.

Interviewing three Realtors and asking for a Competitive Marketing Analysis (CMA) is a good step toward listing your staged property for the right price.

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I’m Sue Proud, Owner of PROUD HOME Staging, LLC and an Accredited Staging Professional® in St. Charles, IL. I appreciate you taking the time to read this post.

We would love to hear from you… please leave your comments and questions below or Contact Us directly about your Home Staging and Design needs.

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